Real Touch

Are you ready for virtual sex? Do you want to get a life like simulated blow job from a porn star? Real Touch allows you to literally “feel the action” while you engage with someone on the other end of the computer. Whether it’s your favorite adult star arousing you while Real Touch does its thing or it’s your girlfriend/wife who is doing the role play from her house, Real Touch gets you going like no other virtual sex toy can.

A simple USB connection between your computer and your RealTouch device is your gateway to non-stop action with this select line-up of willing partners, who are always ready when you are. As the videos play, RealTouch synchronizes the movements of its interior, heating elements, lube mechanism, and orifice to match the onscreen events in realtime.

As they work together, you get the opportunity to come together with your favorite adult stars and experience the warm and wet, yet very different sensations of the most realistic simulation of sex ever. It is quite an experience and one that you’ll return to over and over again.

Whatever your preference, Real Touch has the gal for you. In fact, whether you’re into blondes or brunettes, perhaps redheads even, or sexy fit newcomers or famous A-list adult stars, RealTouch is able to uniquely satisfy every taste and fulfill your sexual appeal. Whatever your preference, RealTouch replicates just about any sexual act or position and, with a little bit of imagination, perhaps even some you haven’t yet thought of. The best part is that every encounter is unique, giving you a lifetime of amazing fantasies to enjoy. The only difficult part is deciding which adult star you want to feel first!

Countless hours are spent manually encoding the transitional movements, lubrication levels and temperature variations to produce even a single minute of raw video. Each video is then tested to ensure that every sensation provides the most completely immersive and most realistic experience possible. It’s a labor-intensive process that speaks to the unparalleled levels of technology and sophistication surrounding RealTouch.

RealTouch webcam applications will give you more opportunities to see, hear and be touched in real-time. Professionals will share intimate moments with premium quality audio and video streams for private, face-to face meetings whenever you want. Couples will find their long-distance relationships seem a lot closer; business trips will become more pleasurable and even members of the military stationed overseas will be able to remain in close contact with intimate friends.

Also on the development slate for 2011 is a specially-designed control device that will allow users to direct the movements of RealTouch. When used one-on-one, or with applications like the RealTouch cams, the phallus-shaped device allows a remote user to simulate specific sex acts. The device senses both the velocity and the depth of motion, transmitting the information directly to the RealTouch user for an experience like no other.